Weekend hospitalizations bring an increased risk to patients


University of Southern California study shows more infections and falls on weekend hospital stays

April 22, 2015

A recent University of Southern California study has concluded that patients have a 20 percent increased risks of developing a hospital-acquired conditions if they are hospitalized on a weekend. Hospital-acquired conditions are avoidable with proper care, and include things like infections and falls.

Texas medical malpractice attorney Robert Painter has repeatedly advised people to think twice before having an elective hospital admission on weekends or holidays. While there could be a variety of reasons to explain the increased risk during these periods, one is certainly that the most experienced doctors and nurses are less likely to be working during those times.

If you or a loved one has to go to a hospital at any time, let alone higher-risk weekends or holidays, we encourage you to be an active participant in healthcare. It is always appropriate to ask polite questions, to follow-up and to advocate for the care that is needed. 

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