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New Deal for Raveneaux/Cypress Forest PUD On Hold 

I attended a temporary injunction hearing today, along with our clients and numerous Champion Forest area residents, in which we asked the 295th District Court to preserve the status quo until trial. A temporary injunction would prevent the Cypress Forest Public Utility District from entering into an amendment, or new contract, with the Raveneaux Country Club owner/developer that changes the acreage involved or land-use restrictions.

The court decided to consider Cypress Forest Public Utility District's plea to the jurisdiction, which is essentially an argument that it is too early in the process for the plaintiffs/homeowners to bring suit, before ruling on our application for temporary injunction. The court scheduled that hearing for 9:00 a.m. on May 14, 2010, and ordered that, in the meantime, the water board cannot enter into any new agreement or amendment modifying the terms addressed by our clients in the temporary restraining order.
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<p>Robert Painter is an attorney and member of Painter Law Firm PLLC.</p>

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