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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services penalized this hospital for 2016-2018

May 1, 2018

As a Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney, I handle medical negligence cases throughout the State of Texas, including those involving care hospitals and Plano.

One of the major facilities and Plano is Baylor Scott & White Medical Center—Plano (formerly known as Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano), which is located at 4700 Alliance Boulevard, Plano, TX 75093, in Collin County. This hospital has 160 beds.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center—Plano offers specialty services including allergy and immunology, anesthesiology, asthma care, back and spine care, behavioral and psychological health, breast imaging, cancer care, cosmetic and plastic surgery, critical and intensive care (ICU), dentistry and oral surgery, dermatology, diabetes, digestive diseases, ear, nose, and throat, emergency room, endocrinology, eye care, footcare, heart/cardiac/vascular, hematology, diagnostic imaging and radiology, infectious diseases, inpatient medicine and hospitalists, kidney disease, liver disease, lung care/pulmonary, men’s health, neurosurgery, neurology, occupational and environmental medicine, orthopedic surgery, pharmacy, primary care, rehabilitation and physical therapy, rheumatology, scoliosis care, sports medicine, supportive and palliative care, surgery services, urology, weight-loss surgery, wellness and fitness, women’s health, and wound care. Its campus also hosts The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano and dedicated oncology and dialysis units.

Quality of care concerns

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services monitors quality of care at accredited hospitals through the Hospital-Acquired Condition Production Program. This program began in 2014, and gives financial incentives to hospitals to improve care. Each year, hospitals performing in the bottom 25% of quality measures defined by Medicare/Medicaid are penalized with a 1% Medicare reimbursement reduction for one year.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center—Plano (formerly known as Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano) was penalized for 2017-2018, and had been penalized the previous year, 2016-2017, for falling
in the bottom quarter of hospitals nationally under the defined Medicare/Medicaid quality standards.

This hospital also received a significant amount of attention based on its handling of a neurosurgeon that previously was on its medical staff, Christopher Duntsch, M.D. Multiple medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits alleged that Dr. Duntsch was allowed to practice at Baylor Cabrillo Medical Center at Plano, and then other facilities, like Dallas Medical Center, despite hospital administration awareness of his erratic behavior, including operating on patients while under the influence of drugs, like cocaine.

I represented one of Dr. Duntsch’s patients, Jerry Summers, in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a back surgery that occurred at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano, which left him a quadriplegic. As a former hospital administrator, I was certainly concerned about the hospital’s oversight of its medical staff.

Unfortunately, Texas law provides extreme protections to hospitals and physicians when it comes to credentialing, peer review, and other medical staff and disciplinary actions. All documents and information related to such actions are privileged and cannot be obtained in litigation. Because there were so many separate cases that came to light in such a short period of time concerning Dr. Duntsch, it provided a rare opportunity to see the danger that lacks physician oversight poses to patient safety.

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Robert Painter is a medical malpractice attorney at Painter Law Firm PLLC, in Houston, Texas. He is a former hospital administrator who represents patients and family members in medical negligence and wrongful death lawsuits against hospitals, physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other healthcare providers. In 2017, H Texas magazine named him one of Houston’s top lawyers. Also in 2017, the Better Business Bureau recognized Painter Law Firm PLLC with its Award of Distinction.

Robert Painter

Robert Painter is a medical malpractice lawyer at Painter Law Firm PLLC.


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