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February 2, 2012

I was leaving the Toy-R-Us at 249/1960, in Houston, recently after buying my four mega-boxes of diapers, and I noticed several police cruisers in the parking lot.

I was about to make a dash for my car when I noticed the police were sitting there calmly at a table: “Free Car Seat Safety Inspection.” What an excellent opportunity!

I have three car seats and one booster seat in my car. I have shuffled them so much that I was unsure whether they were installed properly. Also, I was concerned that the booster was not secured other than the strap that goes around my daughter.

The Harris County Sheriff’s officers were so wonderful. They didn’t make me feel like, “If you loved your kids, you wouldn’t have installed these wrong.” Instead, they diligently reviewed, adjusted, and gave me some practical tips.

They also gave me some resources I would like to share with you.

Harris County Sheriff’s Office:
If you live in NW Houston, call to make an appointment for a free review of your car seats: 281-537-9492.

Click here for a great brochure on installing safety seats.

Taunya Painter

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