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Causes and treatment of low sodium levels in the blood and dangerous hyponatremia

Tom Brady's recommendation of drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day may be dangerous for many people

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When it is time for a second opinion after a surgical mistake or complication

Some surgeons focus their practice on correcting problems with other surgeons' operations

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What to do if your doctor wants to discharge you from the hospital too quickly

A Maryland hospital recently received national attention for discharging a confused patient to a cold, windy street in just a gown and socks

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For surgical nerve injuries, waiting for them to heal on their own can be dangerous

Some nerve injuries have a narrow time window for surgical correction

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Hospital allows phony OB/GYN doctor to practice medicine and deliver babies

Texas law would protect the hospital from any responsibility or liability

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The risks of pregnancy after the 42-week mark

Crossing the 42-week line is a post-term risks, posing added risks to the mom and baby

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Apgar Scores can quickly identify birth injuries, like a brain injury or cerebral palsy

Knowing the basics of Apgar Scores can help parents get straight answers from the doctor when there is a problem in labor and delivery

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What to do when your doctor downplays your symptoms

San Antonio doctor misdiagnoses chronic ear infection, which spreads to bone

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Hospitalist physician care and medical malpractice

The attention of hospitalists is often divided. A Sugar Land, Texas hospitalist says that he sees 24+ patients a day.

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Houston, Texas stroke malpractice attorney/lawyer explains how to find the best stroke hospitals

Find the best stroke hospital closest to you on our list of every stroke center in Texas

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