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Substantial factor test in Texas medical malpractice cases: Proving that the negligence of multiple parties caused patient harm

Texas law recognizes "but for" and "substantial factor" proximate causation in medical negligence cases

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Surgeon's diagnostic shortcut leaves patient with permanent below-the-waist numbness, loss of bowel and bladder control

When a surgeon settles for a best guess rather that doing a differential diagnosis workup, it exposes the patient to unnecessary risk

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Journal article: Start making stroke treatment decisions in the ambulance

Making hospitals tPA-capable was the first big step in stroke treatment, identifying hospitals that can perform thrombectomy surgery is the next one

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Study shows that injuries to mothers during labor & delivery are on the rise

Delayed recognition of problems during labor can lead to avoidable injuries

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Pulmonary effusion, thoracentesis, collapsed lung, and medical malpractice

Patient at Cypress, Texas violently coughs up blood after simple procedure, goes into respiratory distress, dies

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Mediation ins and outs for medical malpractice cases

Getting ready for successful mediation and trial starts when the lawsuit is filed

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What happens if you name the wrong defendant in a Texas medical malpractice or wrongful death lawsuit?

If it is discovered after the statute of limitations has passed, the answer depends on if it is misnomer or misidentification

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Medical malpractice/wrongful death lawsuit: Plaintiff alleges that surgeon and anesthesiologist at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital injure patient, cause death

38-year-old educator recently died as a result of her injuries

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Myocarditis symptoms, misdiagnosis, and medical malpractice

Myocarditis is a dangerous condition that impacts heart pumping and rhythm

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Opthalmologist medical malpractice: Eye doctor misdiagnoses serious eye condition

Prompt, proper treatment of many types of eye condition is critical to saving vision

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