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The important reason to always get your medical records and radiology CDs before leaving a hospital

If you go to a new hospital, these records and radiology images can help prevent your new providers from making a dangerous mistake in your health care

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Understanding HIPAA, patient privacy laws, and medical records requests

Federal and Texas laws protect your privacy and rights to your healthcare information

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Is the specialist that your doctor consulted really a specialist?

Houston-area hospital's sole wound care doctor is trained as a pediatrician, not in wound care

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Texas government database allows free searches for hospital infection rates, preventable adverse events

Medical malpractice attorney encourages patients to take advantage of this rare public program that promotes openness and safety

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New study exposes Texas nursing home anti-psychotic drug over-medication problem

Nationally, around 180,000 nursing home residents per week are given anti-psychotic drugs, even though they have no psychiatric condition

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Anesthesia and deep sedation increase colonoscopy risk

Propofol or deep sedation for colonoscopies increases costs and risk

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Why it is important for radiologists to review all recent similar CT and MRI images

Comparing a current study with prior studies helps radiologists avoid missing important changes

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Causes and treatment of low sodium levels in the blood and dangerous hyponatremia

Tom Brady's recommendation of drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water per day may be dangerous for many people

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When it is time for a second opinion after a surgical mistake or complication

Some surgeons focus their practice on correcting problems with other surgeons' operations

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What to do if your doctor wants to discharge you from the hospital too quickly

A Maryland hospital recently received national attention for discharging a confused patient to a cold, windy street in just a gown and socks

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