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For surgical nerve injuries, waiting for them to heal on their own can be dangerous

Some nerve injuries have a narrow time window for surgical correction

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Hospital allows phony OB/GYN doctor to practice medicine and deliver babies

Texas law would protect the hospital from any responsibility or liability

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The risks of pregnancy after the 42-week mark

Crossing the 42-week line is a post-term risks, posing added risks to the mom and baby

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Apgar Scores can quickly identify birth injuries, like a brain injury or cerebral palsy

Knowing the basics of Apgar Scores can help parents get straight answers from the doctor when there is a problem in labor and delivery

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What to do when your doctor downplays your symptoms

San Antonio doctor misdiagnoses chronic ear infection, which spreads to bone

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Hospitalist physician care and medical malpractice

The attention of hospitalists is often divided. A Sugar Land, Texas hospitalist says that he sees 24+ patients a day.

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Houston, Texas stroke malpractice attorney/lawyer explains how to find the best stroke hospitals

Find the best stroke hospital closest to you on our list of every stroke center in Texas

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Medicare penalizes 50 Texas hospitals for quality of care concerns

For 2017-2018, Medicare will cut reimbursements to these hospitals by one percent, to create a financial incentive to improve care

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What to do when your doctor or surgeon does not discuss risks

Many patients believe that doctors talk over their head without explaining risks

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Four steps to improve your prescription medication/drug safety

Recent study shows some doctors and drug companies over-hype drug benefits

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