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Aortic dissection is a dangerous possibility in car wrecks and even chest pain

Our aortic dissection lawyers have handled cases where delays in diagnosis and treatment caused paralysis or death

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Jaundice is easy to treat, but dangerous to ignore

Failure to treat newborn jaundice can cause permanent brain damage called kernicterus

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Plastic surgery patient paralyzed, cannot walk

Surgeons frequently minimize the serious risk of plastic or cosmetic surgical procedures

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When it comes to doctors, what you don’t know can hurt you

Federal and Texas laws keep hospital investigations of poor physician care privileged and secret

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New adult high blood pressure guidelines and what they mean for you

Under the new guidelines, nearly one-half of the U.S. adult population has hypertension

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What you should know about the special risks of robotic surgery

There have been thousands of product liability claims about the da Vinci robotic surgery system, since it was FDA-approved in 2000

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Nurse practitioner misreads genetic testing results, causing unnecessary hysterectomy and double mastectomy

When faced with a recommendation for surgery or involved treatment, it is a good idea to get a second opinion

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Texas Medical Board investigates alleged surgeon kickbacks for referrals

Some doctors recommend surgical facilities or extra services provided by companies that they own, without informing patients up-front of offering other options

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Elderly people are twice as likely to fall at a nursing home than at home

Nursing home fall prevention measures are lacking: 75% of elderly nursing home residents have at least one fall per year

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What you should know about the risks of general anesthesia

Questions you should ask your anesthesia provider before surgery

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