patient safety


What happens when doctors and nurses treat the wrong patient

Two Joint Commission 2017 National Patient Safety Goals focus on identifying patients correctly

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What you should know about hospital Rapid Response Teams

Accrediting standards require Rapid Response Teams, which can be called for urgent help before a Code situation develops

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Doctor and physician assistant alter patient's medical record—you won't believe what happened next

Get a complete copy of your medical record before you leave the hospital

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Houston-area hospital ER doctor misdiagnoses and discharges car wreck patient, causes paralysis

It is needlessly dangerous for physicians to skip steps in the diagnosis process

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Healthcare injuries are usually caused by multiple medical errors by multiple providers

New survey results: 21% of Americans have experienced medical errors

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What can nurse practitioners and physician assistants do in Texas?

A physician has to supervise the care and prescriptions of nurse practitioners and physician assistants under written, signed agreements

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New Texas law will protect patients from hostile do-not-resuscitate/DNR orders

On 4/1/2018, the new law will end the current practice where doctors can secretly enter a DNR order against patient and family wishes

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Infant spit-up medications increase bone fracture risk later in childhood

Some doctors are prescribing medications for babies that are not FDA approved for children less than one year old

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Anesthesia malpractice: Two ways to improve patient safety

Nurse anesthetists frequently start, monitor, and end general anesthesia, with an anesthesiologist physician in the room

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Suing a Texas public hospital for medical negligence requires jumping hurdles

To sue a public hospital for medical malpractice, you need a lawyer who knows the notice requirements and how to meet the tangible personal property requirement

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