patient safety


A simple rule for when to ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist

"Rule of three" recommends consulting a specialist if there is no firm diagnosis after three doctor visits

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Sinusitis and the danger triangle of the face

Perilous reasons why you should not ignore a lingering sinus infection

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What you should know about board certification of doctors

There is more to board certification that means the eye

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Melanoma cancer diagnosis, treatment, and malpractice

With melanoma, the sooner the diagnosis, the better the likely outcome

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Nurses have significant independent duties, in addition to just following orders

Nurses can have a major role in patient safety by medical error recovery

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The risk of emergency rooms and doctors botching infection treatment

A Houston-area free-standing emergency room and hospital botched infection treatment, almost causing a man his life

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Two risks concerning critical lab values and your doctor

By asking for copies of all of your lab work results and reviewing them yourself, you can improve your safety

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Lawsuit: Nurse does not follow newborn safe-sleeping rules, baby dies

American Academy of Pediatrics advises against having a baby sleeping in the same bed as an adult

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Research shows that many doctors need to work on communicating with their patients

It is dangerous when doctors will not listen to their patients' concerns

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Good prenatal care can help reduce pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia

It is medical negligence when OB/GYN doctors fail to do appropriate prenatal screening and testing

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