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Misdiagnosis of necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacteria) has life-changing consequences

Necrotizing fasciitis is a fast-spreading infection that requires rapid diagnosis and treatment

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Early or premature hospital discharge poses a danger to patients

New Medicare & Medicaid guidelines require hospital discharge planning, rather than pushing patients out the door

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Medicare reveals the seven most common nursing home problems

Four things that you can do to stay safe in a skilled nursing facility

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Surgeon admits to lying in court to protect colleague—what you can do to protect yourself

Keeping a real-time medical journal is a useful tool for continuity or care, and as a records of events if something goes wrong

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Bariatric surgery medical malpractice can cause gastric obstructions and volvulus

Gastric volvulus can twist your stomach around like a phone cord

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New proposed guidelines would nix plastic surgeons dancing in costumes during procedures

Experts question the ethics of online plastic surgery videos that entertain rather than inform, creating an illusion of minimal risks

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Signs of dangerous spinal cord compression after back surgery

Hematomas are a known complication of spinal surgery and can cause permanent injury if they are not promptly addressed

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Risk factors for sudden cardiac arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal 95% of the time, but in those who survive, fast treatment is the key

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What are hospital sentinel events?

Some things are so dangerous to patient safety that hospital accreditation standards say that they should never happen

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Surgical medical malpractice lawsuit: Adrenal gland surgery ends with removal of pancreas instead

Surgical malpractice sometimes causes serious injuries at surgical sites or nearby structures

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