patient safety


Do alternatives to knee surgery make sense?

Studies show that physical therapy may help, but injections probably do not

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When you sign a medical consent form, does it excuse the doctor's negligence or mistakes?

A patient can never give consent or permission for negligent health care

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Three documents that you should have in place today, and certainly before you go into a hospital

Protect yourself and your family from unnecessary risk in case you are incapacitated

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Slow baby growth during pregnancy can cause cerebral palsy

Tips on how to lower the risk of fetal growth restriction

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Three things that you can do to reduce the serious risks of anesthesia

Botched anesthesia care can cause heart and breathing issues and even death

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Two tips for a better weight loss surgery outcome

Cleveland Clinic study highlight the risk of minimizing symptoms like pain and nausea after bariatric surgery

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Too many painkillers can mask the root cause and cause serious injury or death

What to do when your nurse or doctor's answer to every question is more pain medication

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Can a hospital emergency room delay or refuse treatment, to talk about insurance or money?

Learn about your important federal rights that apply if you have an emergency medical condition or are in active labor

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Marathon traffic delays lead to higher heart attack death rates

Practical tips for getting fast hospital care when a heart attack or stroke may be happening

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Texas allows doctors to sign unauthorized do not resuscitate (DNR) orders without telling you

Three things you can do to protect yourself and your family

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