patient safety


Postpartum hemorrhage is a dangerous risk for moms after delivering a baby

OB/GYN doctors and labor and delivery nurses should be alert and prepared to avoid a life-threatening complication

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A long surgery has a high risk of DVT blood clots forming

DVT blood clots can cause deadly pulmonary embolism

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Surprising risks of deep sedation anesthesia during upper endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures

Anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist involvement in routine cases increases the risk of serious adverse events

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How safe are surgical centers and doctor-owned hospitals?

Some small surgical centers and physician-owned hospitals cannot handle emergencies that may happen in the operating room

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New superbug infection identified in Houston

Researchers were surprised by abundant new Klebsiella pneumoniae strain at Houston Methodist Hospital system.

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Surgical checklists increase patient safety

A recent study shows that hospitals using operating room checklists have lower post-surgical death rates

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Six signs that a sick person may have sepsis

In the United States, over 750,000 people are diagnosed with sepsis each year

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Epidural steroid injections come with life-changing risks

If the surgeon injects too deep or in the wrong place, it can cause paralysis or death

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How to find a good nursing home or rehab facility in Texas

As of 5/11/17, in Houston alone, 47 facilities had state agency ratings of 13 to 50, on a scale of 100

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What you need to know about brain aneurysms

Know the symptoms of brain aneurysm to help prevent life-threatening misdiagnosis

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