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Shoulder dystocia birth injury risks and medical malpractice

Shoulder dystocia is a medical emergency that can cause brain injury or death

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Bariatric weight-loss surgery benefits, risks, and medical malpractice

Medical research shows that bariatric surgery helps patients keep weight off long-term, but it is not a risk-free remedy

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Brain aneurysm symptoms, treatment, and medical malpractice

Having the worst headache of your life can be a sign of a brain dangerous aneurysm

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Three types of nursing malpractice

Texas hospitals are responsible for the negligence of their nurses (but almost never for their doctors)

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X-rays and CT scans: Radiation risk and malpractice

Unnecessary orders for costly radiology diagnostic imaging studies increases cancer risk

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Prenatal care, testing, and medical malpractice

When an OB/GYN group misses an important prenatal test, it can create dangerous risks to the mom and baby

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What you should know about peripheral arterial disease and revascularization surgery malpractice

12/2017 study: Peripheral endovascular revascularization has a 17.6% unplanned 30-day hospital readmission rate

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Baylor Scott & White Medical Center—Hillcrest Waco medical malpractice lawyer/attorney

Since 2011, Medicare and Medicaid cited this hospital with four violations (operating under its former name of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center)

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What you should know about abnormal neurological signs

When a patient is acting out of character or cannot move parts of the body, it can be an early sign of a medical emergency

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Aortic dissection is a dangerous possibility in car wrecks and even chest pain

Our aortic dissection lawyers have handled cases where delays in diagnosis and treatment caused paralysis or death

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