patient safety


Marathon traffic delays lead to higher heart attack death rates

Practical tips for getting fast hospital care when a heart attack or stroke may be happening

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Texas allows doctors to sign unauthorized do not resuscitate (DNR) orders without telling you

Three things you can do to protect yourself and your family

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Four tips to protect against dangerous blood clots during and after surgery

Every surgery increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis and deadly pulmonary embolism

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Getting a medical second opinion could save or change your life

Are you asking, "Should I get a second opinion?" Yes! Mayo Clinic study: Up to 88% of the time, second opinions changed the diagnosis or treatment.

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How to prevent birth injuries and death during labor & delivery

Practical tips to improve chances for a successful, healthy labor and delivery

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Your local Texas hospital might not be so local after all

Our alphabetical listing shows who owns every hospital in Texas, and where the owners are located

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Patient falls in hospitals and nursing facilities cause serious injuries and deaths

Thousands of patients fall in hospitals each year and 30-50% of these falls injure patients

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Four ways to uncover a harmful mistake or error by your doctor or hospital

Harvard study shows that many doctors will not tell patients when there has been a significant medical error

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Four tips to help prevent botched IV attempts and IV infections

Avoid serious IV complications by paying attention to these important factors

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Denials, deflections, and cover-ups: Why some hospitals and doctors repeat the same mistakes and endanger their patients

Study: 77% of doctors will not admit to medical mistakes

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