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Slow treatment of pleural effusion can be deadly

Extra fluid around the lungs can lead to a serious infection and respiratory distress

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VA hospital nurse mixes up resuscitation order, patient dies

Same nurse had two prior known problems in monitoring at risk-patients

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The danger of medical device misconnections

FDA safety warning cites numerous medical errors causing death, including an epidural line being misconnected to an IV

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Why neurological examinations are important

Some doctors ignore patients and skip neuro exams, and instead choose to focus on computerized lab and radiology results

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What happens when nurses ignore machine alarms and call buttons

A Joint Commission 2017 National Patient Safety Goal requires hospitals to improve staff performance for equipment alarms and other notifications

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What happens when there is a medication error at a hospital

In 2017, the Joint Commission announced a new National Patient Safety Goal to improve hospital medication safety

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What happens when critical lab or radiology results are not communicated to the doctor

Improved hospital staff communication is a National Patient Safety Goal for 2017

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What happens when doctors and nurses treat the wrong patient

Two Joint Commission 2017 National Patient Safety Goals focus on identifying patients correctly

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What you should know about hospital Rapid Response Teams

Accrediting standards require Rapid Response Teams, which can be called for urgent help before a Code situation develops

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Doctor and physician assistant alter patient's medical record—you won't believe what happened next

Get a complete copy of your medical record before you leave the hospital

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