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FDA warns that anesthesia can cause child brain damage

Six tips for lowering anesthesia risk in children

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Why do healthy people get cancer?

Research shows the importance of cancer screening for all adults. Our lawyers handle missed and delayed cancer diagnosis cases.

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Do alternatives to knee surgery make sense?

Studies show that physical therapy may help, but injections probably do not

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When you sign a medical consent form, does it excuse the doctor's negligence or mistakes?

A patient can never give consent or permission for negligent health care

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Three documents that you should have in place today, and certainly before you go into a hospital

Protect yourself and your family from unnecessary risk in case you are incapacitated

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Slow baby growth during pregnancy can cause cerebral palsy

Tips on how to lower the risk of fetal growth restriction

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Three things that you can do to reduce the serious risks of anesthesia

Botched anesthesia care can cause heart and breathing issues and even death

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What happens when plastic surgery goes wrong?

Botched cosmetic surgery can leave patients with nerve damage of serious infections

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Dental procedures are riskier than you may think

Anesthesia deaths and permanent nerve injuries can happen in dental offices

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Two tips for a better weight loss surgery outcome

Cleveland Clinic study highlight the risk of minimizing symptoms like pain and nausea after bariatric surgery

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