Anesthesia and deep sedation increase colonoscopy risk

Propofol or deep sedation for colonoscopies increases costs and risk

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Surgeon operates on wrong patient at Houston-area hospital

Operating room nurse notices mistake, tells surgeon, but procedure goes forward anyway

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When it is time for a second opinion after a surgical mistake or complication

Some surgeons focus their practice on correcting problems with other surgeons' operations

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Bariatric/weight loss surgery malpractice and malnutrition

There is a significant risk of malnutrition after some types of bariatric procedures, but some surgeons tend to ignore the signs until it is too late

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For surgical nerve injuries, waiting for them to heal on their own can be dangerous

Some nerve injuries have a narrow time window for surgical correction

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New guidelines for surgical site infection prevention

Around half of all surgical site infections are preventable with proper care

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Bariatric weight-loss surgery benefits, risks, and medical malpractice

Medical research shows that bariatric surgery helps patients keep weight off long-term, but it is not a risk-free remedy

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What you should know about peripheral arterial disease and revascularization surgery malpractice

12/2017 study: Peripheral endovascular revascularization has a 17.6% unplanned 30-day hospital readmission rate

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Plastic surgery patient paralyzed, cannot walk

Surgeons frequently minimize the serious risk of plastic or cosmetic surgical procedures

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What you should know about the special risks of robotic surgery

There have been thousands of product liability claims about the da Vinci robotic surgery system, since it was FDA-approved in 2000

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