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Medicare cites West Houston Medical Center with a violation over patient care concern

Hospital's 12th violation since March 2012

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New standards announced to protect full-term babies born in hospitals

Over 90% of babies born in the United States are born at 38+ weeks gestation

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What you should know about fetoscopic surgery medical malpractice

Surgery on unborn babies to correct congenital problems can save lives, if done properly

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What you should know about the differences between concussions and brain injuries

Bleeding in or around the brain is a dangerous condition that may require quick surgery

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Inexperienced surgeon uses robotic equipment, patient dies

Learn what you should do to make sure your doctor or surgeon is competent

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What you need to know about having a safer experience with hospitalist doctors

Hospitalists are supposed to manage patients' medical care in the hospial, but sometimes they miss the mark

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Medicare issues violation to CHI St. Luke’s Health—The Woodlands Hospital

Painter Law Firm recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against this hospital on behalf of a client related to stroke misdiagnosis

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Study raises safety concerns raised for minimally-invasive surgery

Laparoscopic/minimally-invasive/keyhole surgery may be more dangerous for women with cervical cancer

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What you should know about the most common surgical errors

Surgeons often mistake serious complications for being a normal part of recovering from an operation

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Learn the 7 hospital failures that could have avoided a 6-year-old girl's death from sepsis

Little girl went to the hospital with vomiting, bloody loose stools, and couldn't keep down fluids

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