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Myocarditis symptoms, misdiagnosis, and medical malpractice

Myocarditis is a dangerous condition that impacts heart pumping and rhythm

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Tools to help you plan ahead before a doctor's visit

Make sure your physician has all of the information necessary for safe health care

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What happens when your physician doctors (alters) your medical records?

Wrongful death lawsuit uncovered that surgeon accessed patient's records "on a number of occasions" after her death

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Journal article: ER should treat for stroke if patient has dizziness and difficulty walking or standing

Review article details five questions that emergency doctors should ask dizzy patients

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Operating on the wrong patient or site: How does it happen?

The Joint Commission has emphasized improving surgical errors as a 2018 National Patient Safety Goal

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Hemorrhagic stroke symptoms, treatment and medical malpractice

87% of strokes are ischemic and 13% are hemorrhagic

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Over 260 patients have died in surgical centers since 2013

Many ambulatory surgery centers are not equipped to handle complications from planned outpatient procedures and call 911 when something bad happens

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Hospital, physician, and nursing medication error malpractice

Some healthcare providers routinely do a poor job of medication reconciliation, putting patients at risk

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Houston's Park Plaza Hospital has been cited with two Medicare/Medicaid violations so far in 2018

Hospital violations for quality of care issues sometimes uncover medical malpractice

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Absent surgeon testifies that hospital records are missing, incorrect

For two critical days during a hospitalization, a defendant-surgeon was nowhere to be found

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