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Nursing school site uses Painter Law Firm article to improve nursing care

Nursing errors can be prevented if hospitals take notice and train their personnel

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Poor nursing communication causes needless hospital injuries and deaths

Nurse-doctor communication is such a problem that the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations requires all hospitals to create policies and procedures to improve nursing communication of critical lab values

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Firm wins medical malpractice settlement of $3,925,000.00

Now this teenager's family has the funds they need to care for their child, who was brain injured because of a Houston-area hospital's negligence

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Rising health care costs aren't because of medical malpractice claims

Insurance company payouts in medical malpractice lawsuits are at a historic low, yet health care costs continue to rise. This shows that further tort reform is unneeded and would be ineffective

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The problems in hospitals determining brain death

What is brain death? How can you definitively tell if someone is brain dead?

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How to prevent birth injuries and death during labor & delivery

There are some practical things moms and dads can do to increase their chances for a successful, healthy delivery.

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Developments in Texas Advance Directives

An issue involving medical futility may come up at any time, whether the patient is young or old, insured or uninsured.

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Death panels already exist

Although there has been talk of "death panels" during the health care reform debate, we have had them for over a decade in Texas

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