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When is vertigo or dizziness a sign of a medical emergency?

Vertigo can be an early sign of a life-threatening cerebrovascular problem

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Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center receives 2 out of 5 star overall rating from Medicare

Painter Law Firm's medical malpractice attorneys have handled many lawsuits involving care at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

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Learn which high blood pressure medications raise pancreatic cancer risk by 66% in women

Baylor College of Medicine study highlights risk of short-acting calcium channel blockers

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How to ensure that you get top care at top-ranked hospitals

Medicare's list of 5-Texas star hospitals includes many that Painter Law Firm has investigated for medical malpractice

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How to minimize the risk of medication errors when filling a prescription

Always take advantage of pharmacist counseling when you pick up new medications

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Anchoring bias can affect emergency room diagnosis and treatment

Incorrect information provided by ambulance crews and prior providers can have an undue influence on physician and nurse decision-making

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Why you should repeat your story every time you see the doctor

When physicians focus on you as an individual person and patient, you will more likely get proper care

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Sepsis and medical malpractice

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of sepsis are keys to recovery

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Patients are endangered when clinical and ER doctors do not communicate with radiologists

Many doctors order x-ray, CT, or MRI scans without providing much patient information to radiologists and then do not review the images themselves

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Texas chiropractor medical malpractice

Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney explains how negligent chiropractic care can cause new injuries

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