damages and caps


Life care plans & future medical care in brain & birth injury & catastrophic medical malpractice cases

Contrary to popular belief, Texas law doesn't cap a jury's award of future medical care

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Developments in Texas “paid and incurred” law for medical bills

Texas law limits the amount of medical bills that a plaintiff may recover in a medical malpractice lawsuit

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For Texas emergency medical malpractice, it matters where the care began

Emergency medicine malpractice is complicated and twisted under Texas law, but our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help you sort it out

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Houston appellate court issues opinion protecting future medical expenses in birth injury malpractice case

Economic damages, including medical bills, are not subject to the Texas tort reform medical malpractice caps

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How Texas medical malpractice damages caps work

Many people do not realize that the caps do not apply to all types of damages

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