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Hospital, physician, and nursing medication error malpractice

Some healthcare providers routinely do a poor job of medication reconciliation, putting patients at risk

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New law gives Texas pharmacists exclusive authority on whether to fill a prescription

Pharmacists may be negligent when they fill prescriptions that are dangerous to patients

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Pharmacy malpractice: Pharmacist fills prescription at 15 times the prescribed dosage

Learn three things that you can do to improve your prescription drug safety

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Three factors affecting anesthesia safety and malpractice in the operating room

Medical journal article reports that changing operating room medication labels can prevent mix-ups

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Learn which high blood pressure medications raise pancreatic cancer risk by 66% in women

Baylor College of Medicine study highlights risk of short-acting calcium channel blockers

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How to minimize the risk of medication errors when filling a prescription

Always take advantage of pharmacist counseling when you pick up new medications

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Why it may be dangerous for your doctor to prescribe Cipro or Levaquin

FDA: Cipro, Levaquin, and other drugs in their class are associated with permanent injuries and should only be prescribed in limited circumstances

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New study exposes Texas nursing home anti-psychotic drug over-medication problem

Nationally, around 180,000 nursing home residents per week are given anti-psychotic drugs, even though they have no psychiatric condition

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Anesthesia and deep sedation increase colonoscopy risk

Propofol or deep sedation for colonoscopies increases costs and risk

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Four steps to improve your prescription medication/drug safety

Recent study shows some doctors and drug companies over-hype drug benefits

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