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Hiring an experienced Texas medical malpractice attorney: The important of expert witnesses

May 2018 Texas Supreme Court opinion provides insights on expert qualifications

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For Texas emergency medical malpractice, it matters where the care began

Emergency medicine malpractice is complicated and twisted under Texas law, but our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can help you sort it out

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Houston appellate court issues opinion protecting future medical expenses in birth injury malpractice case

Economic damages, including medical bills, are not subject to the Texas tort reform medical malpractice caps

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The important reason to always get your medical records and radiology CDs before leaving a hospital

If you go to a new hospital, these records and radiology images can help prevent your new providers from making a dangerous mistake in your health care

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Understanding HIPAA, patient privacy laws, and medical records requests

Federal and Texas laws protect your privacy and rights to your healthcare information

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Texas Supreme Court opinion shows why it is important to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer

Handling the complex Texas legal requirements and time deadlines for initial expert reports can make or break a medical negligence case

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The importance of timing in filing a Texas medical malpractice lawsuit

Whenever possible, the safest way to protect your medical malpractice claim is to file the lawsuit within two years of the medical negligence

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The tough expert witness requirements for Texas medical malpractice plaintiffs

Hiring an experienced medical malpractice lawyer is important because of the harsh, quick penalties for not hitting the mark on expert witnesses

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How Texas medical malpractice damages caps work

Many people do not realize that the caps do not apply to all types of damages

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When hiring a Texas medical malpractice attorney, experience matters

Lawyers who focus on medical malpractice cases understand the complex demands of Texas law designed to protect doctors and hospitals

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