Seven things you need to know about appendicitis

A misdiagnosed infected or ruptured appendix is a dangerous type of medical malpractice

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What no one tells you about hospital discharge planning

Follow these tips to make sure your doctors and hospital workers don't botch the transition to home health

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Registered nurse (RN) roles, duties, and medical malpractice in Texas

Although many hospitals don't like to admit it, nurses have roles and duties independent of doctors

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Why holidays in the hospital are extra risky

If you have to go to a hospital during a holiday, learn our five tips to improve your odds of a safe outcome

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What you need to know about Texas hospital liens in car wreck and personal injury claims

Hospital liens don't always apply

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Medicare issues violation to CHI St. Luke’s Health—The Woodlands Hospital

Painter Law Firm recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against this hospital on behalf of a client related to stroke misdiagnosis

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What you should know about the most common surgical errors

Surgeons often mistake serious complications for being a normal part of recovering from an operation

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Medicare cites Kingwood Medical Center with four violations over quality of care concerns

Hospital has received 13 Medicare violations since November 2012

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What happens when a hospital lab botches testing or results?

Without critical lab results, doctors cannot make correct diagnosis and treatment decisions

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Medicare issues two violations to Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital, in Humble

Medicare found that the hospital violated patient rights to safe care

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