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Untreated bedsores can lead to infections, sepsis, and death

Understaffing can lead to bedsores

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What you need to know about having a safer experience with hospitalist doctors

Hospitalists are supposed to manage patients' medical care in the hospial, but sometimes they miss the mark

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Why are Texas nursing homes considered the worst in America?

Common nursing home malpractice includes bedsores, falls, and overmedication

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Chronic wound and bedsore prevention, treatment, and medical malpractice

Around 4.5 million Americans have chronic wounds

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Nursing home aide and nursing staffing levels often pose a danger to patients

Newly-released Medicare data shows that most Texas nursing homes have staffing levels that are much below average, the worst possible rating

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Nursing home/skilled nursing facility care issues and medical malpractice

Overmedication of patients causes nursing home deaths

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New study exposes Texas nursing home anti-psychotic drug over-medication problem

Nationally, around 180,000 nursing home residents per week are given anti-psychotic drugs, even though they have no psychiatric condition

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Huntsville, Texas nursing home facility pays $5 million to settle complaints about poor care

Painter Law Firm attorneys are experienced in investigating cases of nursing home abuse and neglect

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Elderly people are twice as likely to fall at a nursing home than at home

Nursing home fall prevention measures are lacking: 75% of elderly nursing home residents have at least one fall per year

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Medicare reveals the seven most common nursing home problems

Four things that you can do to stay safe in a skilled nursing facility

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