patient safety


Three steps you can take to prevent pharmacy errors

Pharmacy gives Houston woman another person's prescription by mistake

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Seven things you need to know about appendicitis

A misdiagnosed infected or ruptured appendix is a dangerous type of medical malpractice

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There's a big reason why you should always get a copy of your medical records before leaving the hospital

What they turn over sometimes depends on when you ask

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What no one tells you about hospital discharge planning

Follow these tips to make sure your doctors and hospital workers don't botch the transition to home health

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Registered nurse (RN) roles, duties, and medical malpractice in Texas

Although many hospitals don't like to admit it, nurses have roles and duties independent of doctors

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Painter Law Firm files medical malpractice lawsuit against Woodlands plastic surgeon Thomas P. McHugh, M.D.

Medical expert: Dr. McHugh used wrong-size implants, caused nerve damage

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Plastic surgery risks, deaths, and medical malpractice

Learn the things you can do to avoid being the next victim of a botched cosmetic surgery

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Lumbar surgery risks, signs of complication, & medical malpractice

Learn the risk factors for a spinal cord compressing epidural hematoma and the signs you should look out for

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What you should know about certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) and anesthesia medical malpractice

Registered nurses with additional anesthesia training are lobbying for more authority to handle complex anesthesia cases independently

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Stroke symptoms and how doctors sometimes miss them

Successful stroke treatment is time-dependent, so don't wait around before calling 911

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