How to prevent birth injuries and death during labor & delivery

Practical tips to improve chances for a successful, healthy labor and delivery

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Video: Good hospital communication saves lives

Poor communication between doctors and nurses causes needless injuries and deaths

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Video: Watch fetal movements & prevent brain injury

Go to your OB/GYN or the hospital immediately if you notice that your unborn baby isn't not moving as much as normal

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Holidays are a good time to avoid hospitals

Research shows that holidays, weekends, evenings and the whole month of July have a higher risk for medical errors

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Three secrets about how hospitals and doctors hide their past mistakes from the public

Texas law keeps hospital reviews of health care confidential and hidden from the public

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U.S. government study shows that hospitals cover up when they injure patients

Read these three little-known ways that you can increase your odds for a safe hospitalization

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How mothers can prevent infant brain injuries during birth

Bleeding and decreased fetal movement are two important signs that mothers should report and insist that their OB/GYN fully evaluate

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Instead of pointing fingers at each other, doctors and nurses need to focus on patient care and safety

Poor communication between doctors and nurses causes dangerous delays in patient care

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Medicare: 1 in 7 patients is harmed during hospitalization

'Hospitals are dangerous places, rife with infection and opportunities for errors'

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Surgical errors can be reduced with a simple checklist

A U.S. Veterans Administration study showed that using a checklist and having simple, open communication among doctors, nurses, and the patient dramatically reduced surgical deaths.

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