Two reasons why a headache is a red flag symptom after lumbosacral spine surgery

Lumbar or sacral spine surgery places patients at a risk for hemorrhagic stroke, even more so if the surgeon punctured the dura

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Stroke symptoms and how doctors sometimes miss them

Successful stroke treatment is time-dependent, so don't wait around before calling 911

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What it takes for a patient to win a medical malpractice case about hospital ER care

Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers know how to investigate cases to learn whether the rough emergency standard applies

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Journal article: Start making stroke treatment decisions in the ambulance

Making hospitals tPA-capable was the first big step in stroke treatment, identifying hospitals that can perform thrombectomy surgery is the next one

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Hemorrhagic stroke symptoms, treatment and medical malpractice

87% of strokes are ischemic and 13% are hemorrhagic

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The Joint Commission announces new standards for Primary Stroke Centers

Painter Law Firm's medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in handling stroke cases

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Stroke centers, treatment, and medical malpractice

May is National Stroke Awareness Month: Learn stroke symptoms and how to increase your odds of a good outcome

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Houston, Texas stroke malpractice attorney/lawyer explains how to find the best stroke hospitals

Find the best stroke hospital closest to you on our list of every stroke center in Texas

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Strokes in children and young adults are frequently misdiagnosed

Stroke treatment must start quickly to prevent permanent injuries

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Lawsuit: Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital doctors misdiagnose imminent stroke (filed by Attorney Robert Painter)

38-year-old man goes to an ER three days in a row, has massive stroke shortly after discharge on third day

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