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Decreased fetal/baby movement is not something to ignore

When an unborn baby is moving less than the normal pattern, it could be a sign that the placenta is failing

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Sugar Land, Texas hospital patient death, suspicious autopsy looks like a cover-up

Contacting a competent medical malpractice attorney quickly allows an investigation to begin before a potential cover-up is complete

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Obstetrician office nurse bungles patient call, baby born with brain damage

OB doctor's office tells mom to drink orange juice when she called to report decreased fetal movement

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Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital medical malpractice attorney/lawyer

Since 2014, this hospital has been cited with two violations by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, over quality of care concerns

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St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital (CHI St. Luke's Health Sugar Land Hospital) medical malpractice attorney/lawyer

Medicare penalized St. Luke's Sugar Land for 2017-2018, listed it among the bottom 25% of hospitals nationwide on key patient care indicators

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Family alleges patient death cover-up at Kindred Hospital Sugar Land

Tips from our experienced medical malpractice lawyers on uncovering the truth and how to avoid poor hospital care

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Lawsuit: St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital pain killer overmedication causes patient death

St. Luke's nurses gave a 75-year-old patient 2-4 times the recommended dose of the narcotic Dilaudid

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