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What to do when you think there’s a hospital cover-up

Did a hospital camouflage the truth after a patient death in Christmas 2017?

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Medical malpractice/wrongful death lawsuit: Plaintiff alleges that surgeon and anesthesiologist at Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital injure patient, cause death

38-year-old educator recently died as a result of her injuries

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Painter Law Firm files medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit against Kirby Surgical Center, others

36-year-old teacher placed under general anesthesia with propofol, dies shortly after shoulder surgery

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High school senior dies after doctors botch diagnosis and treatment of acute disseminated encephalomalacia (ADEM)

Read about the symptoms and life-saving treatment that this young person should have received

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Medical malpractice lawsuit by Bill Paxton's family shows how wrongful death claims work

Wrongful death claims are limited by each state's wrongful death statute, and the Texas law has some twists

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Medical malpractice lawsuit: Former co-lead singer of The Eagles died from poor medical diagnosis and treatment

There is usually a better outcome when medical complications are addressed quickly, rather than doctors taking a "wait and see" approach

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Lawsuit alleges freestanding ER and trainee doctor cause girl’s death of bacterial meningitis

Resident physician diagnoses patient with ear infection, but five hours after discharge it was too late to save her

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Two risks for families in accepting a rushed diagnosis of brain death

What is brain death? How can you definitively tell if someone is brain dead?

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Houston, Texas medical malpractice lawyer Robert Painter files lawsuit that claims: Doctor & CVS prescription error causes patient death

OB/GYN prescribed & CVS filled prescriptions for two medications that should not be taken together

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Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital anesthesia team overdoses Propofol, causing death of 45-year-old woman

Propofol is the dangerous anesthetic drug involved in the deaths of Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers

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