medical malpractice


Lawsuit: Nurse does not follow newborn safe-sleeping rules, baby dies

American Academy of Pediatrics advises against having a baby sleeping in the same bed as an adult

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Research shows that many doctors need to work on communicating with their patients

It is dangerous when doctors will not listen to their patients' concerns

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Good prenatal care can help reduce pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes and preeclampsia

It is medical negligence when OB/GYN doctors fail to do appropriate prenatal screening and testing

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Colorectal cancer rates are on the rise for adults under 50

Delay in diagnosing and treating colorectal cancer can decrease survival odds

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Surgeon does not tell patient about pathology results, delays cancer treatment

Some doctors order lab, radiology, and pathology tests but never provide patients with full results

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Strokes in children and young adults are frequently misdiagnosed

Stroke treatment must start quickly to prevent permanent injuries

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Three ways to research a Texas doctor or hospital's quality of care

Federal and Texas laws hide most information from the public, but there are still some tools that you can use

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When to get a second opinion after surgical complications or problems

There is a limited amount of time to repair some nerve injuries

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How to find prenatal care that keeps your baby safe

Early and consistent quality prenatal care is important for the safety of the baby and mother

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Gastroparesis: What causes stomach paralysis and how to treat it

When a surgeon damages or cuts the vagus nerve during bariatric or abdominal surgery, it can cause gastroparesis, paralyzing the stomach

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