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Two tips to make the transfer from a hospital to a nursing or rehabilitation facility safer

When patients are discharged from a hospital to a nursing or rehab facility, it is a notorious time for things to fall through the cracks

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Botched spinal surgery or injection can cause painful, disabling arachnoiditis

Arachnoiditis sufferers often have no feeling from the waist down, and lose bowel and bladder control

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How to get your medical records, how much you can be charged, and why you need them

Federal and Texas laws give you important rights to have access to your medical records

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Some surgeons work in two operating rooms at the same time

It is risky for patients when a surgeon tries to participate in two surgeries in two operating rooms at once

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Fetal heart rate monitoring helps prevent birth injuries

OB/GYN doctors and labor and delivery nurses must act fast when the fetal heart rate monitor shows that the baby is not getting enough oxygen

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Look for these signs of an infected surgical incision

Even though infections should be treated as soon as possible, some surgeons are not interested in follow-up care after surgery

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Texas hospitals can stop treating and feeding patients even when patients and families disagree

Texas Advance Directives Act gives hospital committees complete immunity for deliberately stopping health care and allowing patients to die

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Two documents you need now to plan ahead for end-of-life health care

Advance directive and medical power of attorney documents help guide health care decisions and protect against hospital committees

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Suddenly-appearing floaters or flashes of light may be a warning sign of a medical emergency

Retinal detachment requires emergency treatment by an ophthalmologist, or can result in permanent vision loss

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Experienced Houston, Texas birth injury medical malpractice lawyer, Robert Painter, Painter Law Firm

Birth injury and cerebral palsy cases are complex and hard-fought, and call for an experienced, aggressive medical malpractice attorney

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