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The risky role of physician assistants and nurse practitioners in neurosurgery

Some neurosurgeons turn over too many responsibilities to less-trained mid-level providers

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Antibiotic medications are not risk free

20% of hospitalized patients have at least one adverse drug event after being given antibiotics

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Two dangerous risks of CT, MRI, and other diagnostic radiology exams

Better communication between ordering doctors and radiologists is needed to ensure accurate results

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Watch out for these signs after a hernia repair

If a repair goes bad, timing can be important

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Study links fevers during pregnancy to autism

Taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) for fevers reduces autism risk

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Weight loss surgery has dangerous potential complications

Surgeon delayed diagnosis and treatment of hole in stomach of gastric sleeve patient, leaving her with a feeding tube

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Three perils of skilled nursing facilities

Some skilled nursing facilities lack adequate staffing to provide quality patient care

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Comparing care at teaching hospitals to non-teaching hospitals

A Harvard study favors teaching hospitals, but read why that is not consistently true

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In some areas, VA hospital care may be better than you think

Study published in June 2017 shows that VA hospitals out-performed non-VA hospitals in key areas

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Dental local anesthetic injections can cause nerve damage

Neurologic risks from needle placement, toxic anesthetic medications, and hematomas

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