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Houston, Texas medical malpractice lawyer Robert Painter files lawsuit that claims: Doctor & CVS prescription error causes patient death

OB/GYN prescribed & CVS filled prescriptions for two medications that should not be taken together

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Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney Robert Painter video: Good hospital communication saves lives

Poor communication between doctors and nurses causes needless injuries and deaths

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Houston, Texas medical malpractice attorney Robert Painter video: Watch fetal movements & prevent brain injury

Go to your OB/GYN or the hospital immediately if you notice that your unborn baby isn't not moving as much as normal

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Protect yourself from the risks of electronic medical records

Obtain and review your medical records for accuracy

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Memorial Hermann sues uninsured patients for medical bills

Suits target the needy uninsured for bills that are multiple times higher than insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid would pay

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Weekend hospitalizations bring an increased risk to patients

University of Southern California study shows more infections and falls on weekend hospital stays

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Anesthesia: Ask these questions before you're put under

Your anesthesiologist may not be in the operating room...are you fine with that?

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Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital anesthesia team overdoses Propofol, causing death of 45-year-old woman

Propofol is the dangerous anesthetic drug involved in the deaths of Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers

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Infections in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities can be deadly

Facilities must watch for signs of infections, so doctors can treat them promptly

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Large teaching hospitals in medical centers rely on young, inexperienced doctors

When hospitals advertise their top-notch doctors, it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be providing your care

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