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Hyponatremia after a head injury can cause brain damage or death

With these tips, family members can help prevent low sodium from causing permanent damage or death

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How mothers can prevent infant brain injuries during birth

Bleeding and decreased fetal movement are two important signs that mothers should report and insist that their OB/GYN fully evaluate

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Robert Painter testifies before Texas House of Representatives

H.B. 3520 would prevent hospitals from using 'death panels' to dump patients

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Video: Hospital death panels in Texas

'The Minute Lawyer' series video on the shocking truth about how Texas hospitals and doctors can stop treating you, even if it means you will die

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A new idea to fix the Texas 'death panel' law

By eliminating immunity, doctors and hospital committee members would have to think twice before stopping care

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Instead of pointing fingers at each other, doctors and nurses need to focus on patient care and safety

Poor communication between doctors and nurses causes dangerous delays in patient care

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Video: Robert Painter speaks about the Texas futile care (death panel) law

Many Texans are surprised to learn that the Advance Directives Act of 1999 allows a hospital committee to act as a 'death panel' that can override a patient or family's treatment wishes

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Medicare: 1 in 7 patients is harmed during hospitalization

'Hospitals are dangerous places, rife with infection and opportunities for errors'

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Surgical errors can be reduced with a simple checklist

A U.S. Veterans Administration study showed that using a checklist and having simple, open communication among doctors, nurses, and the patient dramatically reduced surgical deaths.

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Texas finally takes first step in regulating 'pill mills'

Clinics dish out powerful pain medications without real physician supervision or even a physical exam

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