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Success for Champion Forest homeowners

Trial court crafts a path for potential injunction if PUD decides to use park bond money

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The Sun Newspaper: Champions Forest residents concerned about Raveneaux green space

Homeowner clients press for an injunction to prevent the water board from ignoring the voters' decision

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Houston Chronicle: Tensions rise over sale of Raveneaux land

Painter Law Firm clients seek a temporary injunction against Cypress Forest Public Utility District

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Homeowners sue developer for declaratory judgment in Raveneaux case

The attorney for Raveneaux Country Club owner/developer, JP/Raveneaux Partners LP and Kera Development, L.P., threatened to sue homeowners for challenging their water board's authority

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TRO Stops Cypress Forest PUD's "Bait and Switch"

KTRK Channel 13 (ABC) in Houston did a feature on the temporary restraining order that stopped changes to the voter-approved redevelopment of Raveneaux Country Club property

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Smart Business Contracts: Legal Tips (part II of III)

How to write contracts that do the job and reduce problems

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