Bariatric/weight loss surgery malpractice and malnutrition

There is a significant risk of malnutrition after some types of bariatric procedures, but some surgeons tend to ignore the signs until it is too late

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New guidelines for surgical site infection prevention

Around half of all surgical site infections are preventable with proper care

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The risk of emergency rooms and doctors botching infection treatment

A Houston-area free-standing emergency room and hospital botched infection treatment, almost causing a man his life

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Bedsores can develop a lot faster than you think, but can usually be prevented with proper doctor and nursing care

Bedsores, pressure sores or wounds, and decubitus ulcers—whatever you call them, they are a serious medical issue

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Look for these signs of an infected surgical incision

Even though infections should be treated as soon as possible, some surgeons are not interested in follow-up care after surgery

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Lawsuit: Memorial Hermann Southwest Medical Center surgeons botch treatment of complication (filed by Attorney Robert Painter)

One week delay in fixing hole in small intestine leads to a year and a half of internal infections, MRSA, and an open abdominal wound

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Lawsuit: Mainland Medical Center nurses' poor care causes man to develop bedsores days after a knee surgery (filed by Attorney Robert Painter)

It took 100+ days of hospital, nursing home, and rehabilitation center inpatient care and a year and a half for the bedsores to heal and close

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Reducing your risk of getting a bad infection in the hospital

Medical error is the third-leading cause of death in America, and bungling the treatment of infections is one of the top medical errors

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Six signs that a sick person may have sepsis

In the United States, over 750,000 people are diagnosed with sepsis each year

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Four tips to help prevent botched IV attempts and IV infections

Avoid serious IV complications by paying attention to these important factors

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